133 DOM Attitude Baglietto

The DOM concept was born from the idea of having a “domus” floating on the sea, spacious and elegant at the same time but also young and fresh. Suitable for any type of owner. Which then turned out to be such by the large number of boats ordered by shipowners from all over the world. A truly transversal project.

The shipyard required a boat that was comfortable but also aesthetically attractive at the same time.
The idea was to maintain a domestic feeling but with exterior lines that were attractive and universal.
Hence the great attention to the internal spaces which had to be generous and to the glass maximized as much as possible to enhance the internal/external relationship, very important today in a continuous dialogue between external forms and internal functions.

Huge elegance

The external lines of the DOM are a marriage between architecture and automotive design, where automotive means design in motion, enhancing the concept of travel inherent in the very concept of a boat.
The lines are taut, sharp and enhance the length of the boat through longitudinal cuts that run along the entire profile and lighten the volumes, however important.
There are many details that recall sports cars: spoilers, air intakes, cuts, shapes. A level of sculpture of the exteriors that enhance the already strong character of the project.
Surely Car Design represents fertile ground for the imagination of any designer, even if I must say in recent years our sector is becoming just as reference thanks to a vein of innovation as never before seen.
The most important thing about a boat (which is also born to arouse emotions) is to be able to conquer both on a rational level and also the hearts of the owners. The inspiration from the world of Car Design certainly points towards this type of emotion.

There are many innovations that make the DOM unique. First of all, the stern, open, modern and flexible with the large tub with the telescopic pot that goes up and down and changes its intended use. The aft cockpit is an absolute jewel and a benchmark in the segment in terms of available space. The carefully studied windows and air vents that reduce their visual impact to a minimum through skilful architectural tricks are the plus that make the halls airy and open to the outside as much as possible in a modern and unprecedented dialogue, also thanks to the total opening of the stern window.

Yacht details

It is not easy to create large spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing. Even more difficult to do something even exhilarating. The decomposition of the volumes through horizontal cuts certainly helped to streamline the external line but also then shaping these volumes which remained in the right way, with forms full of that explosive but calm tension typical of sculpture did the rest of the game.

The Baglietto shipyard is a monument of Italian boating. We are talking about a brand that has a history and a coat of arms without equal in the panorama of our industry. When we think of the characteristics of the brand itself (which is a masterpiece right from the graphics) we think of sportiness combined with timeless elegance. Elegance on the sea but always with a pioneering, creative and innovative spirit typical of the great Italians.
I have tried to keep these values alive in the design and functions on board without chasing fashions, without the use of extravagant colors or radical solutions which would have ultimately impoverished the use of the boat.

The owner has not made any major changes to the project except for touches of personal taste which have actually improved the result. The layout of the boat is in itself very flexible and does not preclude any solution or desire. This opening is certainly one of the trump cards of the line which has also been rewarded by the market. There are not many other boats capable of this with the same flexibility. We are talking about unique, special projects and in my opinion we need to intelligently indulge the taste of each person.


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