DOM 115

The latest addition to the Baglietto family is the 35m entry-level DOM 115 from the successful DOM 133 series, 8 of which have been sold by the La Spezia shipyard in the last two years.
The basic concept does not change, even the DOM 115 reproposes the stylistic features that have decreed the success of the top model: from the timeless, modern and captivating lines which nevertheless take the sporty aspect of the older sister to extremes, to the considerable volumes, unique for boats of this size, up to the use of large panoramic windows that can be opened to terraces and which allow the massive entry of natural light.

Huge elegance

In particular, in this model, the sense of single space is made even more harmonious, in a continuous dialogue between inside and outside thanks to the completely disappearing doors of the main deck saloon which, added to the full-height windows, allow a unique view at 270 degrees, as well as the fully glazed upper deck that can be opened on three sides. The organization of space is therefore reinterpreted, which increasingly loses its boundaries of classic and formal use to find new ones, more in keeping with the lifestyle of a contemporary owner, in contact with nature and the sea.
And so the stern area is also confirmed as an ideal space, defined on three levels that gradually descend towards the sea and on which the swimming pool with sea view is placed.

Yacht details

The tender is housed in a side garage, thus freeing the deck from technical obstructions.
The level of customization that can be reached with this model is always unique and very high, a successful element even for the larger sistership, thanks to the choice of steel and aluminum as the construction material that best grants flexibility with respect to the many layout customization requests (which also had represented one of the most successful assets of the DOM133) as well as representing an added value in terms of comfort for boats of this size.
The engine chosen is MAN which allows a speed of 14.5 knots. A version with a hybrid engine has also been studied.
The first DOM115 is available for sale with delivery scheduled for May 2025.


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