Superyacht OxyZen is a AB Yachts 140 (42 metres) has a golden colour which dazzles like the motor yacht’s technology. Ever since its debut, the AB Yachts shipyard belonging to FIPA Group that also includes MAIORA, CBI NAVI and INTERMARE – has paved the way of technological innovation and high performance combined with equally cutting-edge outfitting solutions, in terms of both the materials used and the comfort provided. Marco Arnaboldi, the engineer of AB Yachts shipyard and also test driver of all models, says: “Superyacht OxyZen is the first AB 140’ yacht.

Huge elegance

The AB Yachts 140 motor yacht brings together all of the key features of the AB ethos, in the largest yacht we have built so far. But it will soon lose this top position as a 60-metre model is already being designed, following the same conceptual theme, of course”. Arnaboldi goes on to tell us, “Initially I wasn’t sure about the colour, but I now admit I was wrong. When I saw the boat in the water I immediately changed my mind. This summer I could practically track its course around Sardinia and other ports by the phone calls I received from people wanting to know more. It was a real success.

People were also impressed by the external styling, which was a joint effort by AB Yachts and Interin Srl, who also designed all of the motor yacht OxyZen’s interiors. The final result is definitely high-impact. The other three AB 140’ vessels under construction are also eye-catching, and unlike this one they have a fly deck. The interiors of the second of these three were designed by the Guido De Groot studio in the Netherlands, while the yard’s internal department of designers designed the others.

The main difference in the fly version is that there is an open control bridge; so the opening roof consists of just one element instead of the three found on OxyZen; consequently, the ward room partially opens up. The inside layout is basically the same, although various custom arrangements mean that Owner’s can choose whether to have three or four cabins”.

Yacht details

The hull, deck and superstructure of the AB Yachts 140 superyacht are made in laminated sandwich pre-impregnated with vinyl ester epoxy-base resin, strengthened with uni-directional fibres from Kevlar, Carbon and Divinycell sandwich. All of the material is vacuum-consolidated. All of the main tanks for both diesel and water are structural, therefore part of the hull structure. In other words, they add strength rather than being a burden on the structures. Every aspect of this boat has been designed for speed allied to maximum safety and cruising comfort.

“Our aim was to create a 42-metre boat with the same features of the other, smaller AB models. Nothing has been left to chance”, Arnaboldi explains. “The hull is the result of a painstaking hydrodynamic project on the bottom, carried out at the research institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the only centre with a 900-metre tank where 1:5 scale models can be tested. This allowed us to test the bottom’s seaworthiness even with the worst beam waves. The final result is a very stable hull. It doesn’t even need anti-roll stabilizers.

In the same tank we perfected various types of hydrojet motors, which are really AB Yachts’ signature propulsion unit. The results from the tank were confirmed as soon as OxyZen was tested at sea. With three 2400 hp MTU engines coupled with three MJP hydrojets the top speed is 46 knots, while cruising speed is 43 knots. We wanted to match these extraordinary results with the maximum in cruising comfort.

The hull of the AB Yachts 140 has been carefully insulated from the other internal structures, which are made from aeronautical materials and honeycomb structures. This means that the OxyZen can sail at 46 knots with just 72 db of noise in the cabins; this drops to below 50 db when the speed is around 30 knots. We are very pleased with this result, and more importantly, so is the Owner”

Technical details

Shipyard: AB Yachts

Yacht type: Motor

Year: 2007

Exterior designer: Studio Vafiadis

Interior designer: Studio Vafiadis

Length: 41.60 m

Beam: 8.10 m

Draft: 1.35 m

Cruising speed: 35 knots

Max speed: 40 knots

Guests: 8

Number of Cabins: 4

Crew: 8


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